Nescafé wanted their Red Mug brand to be the first thing people reached for when they woke up. The thinking is that a good cup of Joe is the just the tonic you need to start and orchestrate your day ahead.


The campaign went down so well that it was actually sold to another 6 countries and the backing song 'Brighter Mornings' became the most requested morning drive-show song on local radio stations. The success of this campaign achieved
the highest appraisal rating amongst all other global Nestlé chosen agencies with 86% efficiency, taking FP7 DXB from the No 47 Nestlé creative agency in the
world to No 5.

Red Mug "Brighter Mornings"

Yessak Sabahak / Brighter mornings - Nazek Fawaz / Yousef Ashram / Mike Mutch
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Nescafé’s 18-25 year old market was becoming segmented. Traditionally, coffee in the MENA region was always drunk black and sweet but with more people travelling and being educated abroad, tastes were changing because of these new, outside influences.


With the introduction of the My Cup 3-in-1 sachet, we saw an opportunity to find some common ground between different demographics in Universities. By targeting each segment with the same message, but different images, we were able to ‘Unite’ them and create a greater, wider community that came together as a preferred mix. We created our TVC using pioneering Rotoscoping animation software to give a  positive energy to reflect our illustrative visual campaign. Sachets flew off the shelves and sales of Nescafé My Cup 3-in-1 rose by 32% on the previous year.

MyCup "Unite Together"

MyCup MBC TV 'Bumpers'

 Nescafé Gold "Shine"

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